New Apple TV Remote

So here is my thinking on the remote.

a) A large track pad area – This allows for the flexibility of interactions. The simple are left-right and up-down with 1 thumb and this should cover 80% of the interactions needed. There other possibilities using multi-finger/hand usage comes with media like photos and games.

b) A single home button- Allows one to access the homepage from anywhere. Click this and the main menu with TV, Movies, iCloud etc icons just comes up.

c) Dimensions – I wanted to keep is small enough that it feels light in the hand. For this I kept the width to be small – around 3cm. Then I wanted it to be long enough that people could hold it differently and almost play in their hands. Also for games they could use the remote horizontally.

d) Connectivity – One of the most painful parts of using a remote today is the use of technologies that require the remote to be lined up to a sensor on the tv. In this remote I would imagine a use of technology that does NOT require this straight line of sight – may be wifi/bluetooth .. the main variable there would be the battery life. I am not sure which technology is right from that perspective.



Other Remotes

Apple TV ofcourse would work with other devices seamlessly. That means I could use iPhone and iPad also as remotes – which one can do today also. That continues to provide a very powerful way of controlling apple tv.

But the experience would become even more powerful with apple tv navigation reflected in those apps also. So when going to TV Channel, the iPhone would show the info and search etc in the interface and not just act as a point and click.

Missing pieces
1. It should be easy to change the volume of the TV. I still need to figure out the best way to allow that very quickly and intuitively. I am trying to avoid more buttons on the remote, no luck yet 🙂
2. Keyboard – for search. There would be an onscreen keyboard and connectivity to regular keyboard. But what else can be done ?
3. Voice Input – With Siri, one can clearly expect voice input in the TV
4. Games – Should the remote also have a 3D tracking like Wii or use Camera like Kinetic or something else ?

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